The “No-Touch” Information Sharing Solution!

For people that want to make a great first impression or start a conversation, tap your card on a phone and a link opens with your contact details. Just TapitUp!

Just. Like. That.


It’s So Easy!!

Watch this basic tutorial on how it works…

Simply hold your card towards the top if Iphone or towards the bottom if Android and watch a link appear. Tap the link and all of your contact info appears immediatley. Have recipient then add to contacts and voila! They can also goto any of your social media links, website or even presentation links that have been inputted and start following or liking on the spot!

Size – It’s the size of a credit card.  Can be tucked away in your wallet or purse.

Color – Card is white with your customized info and logo.

Technical Info – Card is embedded with an NFC chip.

Durability – Cards are as tough and durable as a normal credit card.  They are waterproof and the NFC chip is sealed within the plastic card.

Subscription – No subscription is required.  Once we’ve entered your info on the card it will be there for good.  

Environment – Save the environment by printing less paper business cards.

It’s So Easy!!

How Do They Work?

Simple!  When someone asks for your business card, just take out your TapItUp Smart Business Card and ask them to scan it with their Smart phone.  Virtually  all iPhones and Androids have the functionality and use the same technology as Android Pay or Apple Pay.  Your electronic business card will simply appear on their phone.  No apps to download, it just works.  Should someone have an older model phone, a card specific QR code can also be generated and printed on the card making it usable with any QR code reader or phone camera!  

See a sample of how it looks

(Optimized for mobile devices)

Order a TapitUp Digital Business Card

Ordering a TapitUp digital business card is simple! Click the Order Now button and a template of all the information needed will be ready for you to fill in. Order multiple cards with the same information or send each cards specific information one form at a time!

Add your Social Media Information

Adding your social media links is very simple as well. The card specific landing page that we have created for each card can hold a link to any social media platform. The page can even be home to a special message created by the user or perhaps a video or presentation!

Add a Website

Add a website with ease. We take care of all of the backend stuff for you. Just provide the website on the form given and BINGO! There’s no better exposure for your business than a one touch website link in your client’s contacts. Or maybe a link to your blog?

Options are Limitless

Your options to add links to social media, websites and videos or presentations are pretty much limitless. We handle all initial information entry plus any changes that you might have along the way! In this day and age of “no-touch”, TapitUp is a great conversation starter.



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What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

With our changing world, we need to find ways to connect with our customers and this has been a great way to stay connected. It is also an amazing conversation starter!

Patty T.

Small Business Owner

Business cards are a huge expense and it seems that whenever you need one you’ve just ran out. Keeping a TapItUp card in my personal and my company vehicle has solved that problem

Devin B.

Business Development

It’s so helpful to have all of my contact information at my fingertips and the ability to transfer it to a client with a single tap! One card instead of many cuts down the clutter.

Angela D.

Independent Contractor

Carrying around a bunch of business cards just isn’t economical in my industry. Having one card that I can carry in my pocket everyday makes it alot easier. Especially on the jobsite.

Steve B.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Get your card today!